LAIET Associates Pvt. Ltd.

Q1. Can I get my Group Incentive without helping my personally sponsored and downline Representatives?
Answer: LAIET Associates Pvt. Ltd. is based on serving people to earn therefore there is no such way to achieve Incentive other than working for or helping others. One need to work hard and motivate and trained continuously your organisational allies.

Q2  I am not satisfied with the Package / Product / Service and have sent the payment. For refund, as per the policy of the Company I failed to intimate for the cancellation of my Package / Product / Service within the allotted time (which is 30 days from the date of login/joining in the company). What should I do to recover my money paid towards purchasing of LAIET Package / Product / Service?
Answer- The criterion for refund is that you need to write/mail at support within 30 days for the cancellation if you are dissatisfied with the package/product/service. However, Company shall not consider any cancellation if the request for cancellation is sent after the expiry of the stipulated period. After an expiry of this period, we cannot refund money paid towards purchase of any ally of LAIET package/product/service in any circumstances as after the expiry of this period the incentive with respect to your sale is already paid to your selling LAIET Ally.

Q3  Can a LAIET Ally share information of any other Programme / Business or sign up other LAIET Ally in any other similar Programme / Business?
Answer: No, this is absolutely not permitted. If anyone is found sharing information of any other organization with other LAIET Ally then all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing commission from the company, will be denied to him/her with immediate effect without any notice.

Q4  As many LAIET Allies are earning very good income through LAIET Business opportunity so can I advertise indicating you may earn some amount per month or per week for attracting new LAIET Allies?
Answer: No, LAIET is a mission whereby every ally earns incentive by his marketing skills and hard work. Advertising LAIET Product will not only lessen the effort of the ally but also obstruct their learning from the company and further teaching and training and helping in the process of LAIET. It is important for every ally to understand every aspect of LAIET products and its mission. However, if anyone engages himself/herself in any bad advertisement to promote LAIET packages or lacks knowledge to explain / express LAIET Business / Mission to Law enforcing Authorities, company will not be responsible for the same. 

Q5.  I have wrongly entered my Username. How can I change it?
Answer: Any kind of modification in Username is not possible once the online registration process is over. 

Q6.  I have not submitted the photocopy of my PAN card. Would I be eligible to receive my commission cheques?
Answer: If you have not submitted a photocopy of your PAN card, then please send it as soon as possible. No incentive/commission cheque will be issued in absence of proof of your PAN card.

  Q7.  I have sold LAIET Packages to many people in my organization; still I have not received any Incentive. Why?
Answer: You start receiving commission only when you fulfil the criteria fixed for commission earning. In order to receive your first commission you must accumulate with 1:2 or 2:1 ratio in both legs and out of these 2 Packages must be accumulated via sales of LAIET Packages under your direct sponsorship. 

Q8  I have seen online the last commission earned but I have not received it yet.
Answer: If you are 18 years of age or more and have sent us the photocopy of your PAN card and fill the NEFT form. If you fulfil all the mentioned conditions and still have some issues then send / post your query at support and kindly wait for at least 10-15 days depending on the query to be solved.

 Q9  Can I join any other Marketing company dealing with same/different product and doing the business of similar nature ?
Answer: No, you cannot join any other Marketing company selling same/different product or any other business of similar nature. If we receive any complaint against you that you have joined any other Marketing company or Business of similar nature then you would lose your right to get all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing commission from LAIET.

  Q10  Can we make the payment ( Cash / Demand Draft / Cheque ) for the purchase package to our selling LAIET Ally on behalf of Company ?
Answer: Cost of Package should be paid only through Demand Draft / NEFT / IMPS and directly to be sent to the company by the purchasing LAIET Ally If any payment on behalf of the company is made to any selling LAIET Ally  through any mode, company will not be responsible for any loss ( if any ). The purchasing LAIET Ally himself / herself will be responsible for any such loss ( if any ).

  Q11 By purchasing more than one LAIET Packages in my name, can I create Multiple Business Centres in my organisation to create more income?
Answer: No, you cannot create multiple positions and buy more than one LAIET Packages. As creation of Multiple Business Centres to generate more income is not allowed and violation of this would result in cancellation of all the created Multiple Business Centres without any notice.

 Q12. I have purchased LAIET Package. Can I purchase another LAIET Package on the name of my spouse?
Answer: Yes you may purchase another LAIET Package in the name of your spouse or any of your family members.

Q13. What will happen if any LAIET Ally is found to involve in anti-company activities?
Answer: This is very serious, if any LAIET Ally is found not working in accordance with company’s LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) / FAQs or found to indulge in any anti-company activity in any manner or found disturbing the private or public business meeting or free teaching seminar organized by or by the company, all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing commission from the company, will be denied to him / her with immediate effect and without any notice.

Q14. Can I change my mobile number after registering in the company?
Answer. If your holiday OTP is active you can’t change your mobile number, However , if you have not got your holiday OTP activated you can change your mobile number and update in the company records and inform the company about the same through an email on support.

Q15. I am sending / posting lots of queries to the company but not getting any response?
Answer: Company is always ready to answer all the queries of LAIET Allies but it has been observed that many LAIET Allies are sending irrelevant queries and asking irrelevant question unnecessarily on continuous basis. We have given all the required information about the Company and all other details on our website. So it is advised to all the LAIET Allies to visit our website in order to know their concerns or ask their introducing active senior allies of LAIET. Please note no irrelevant queries would be replied by the company. Please do not ask about anything which is not given on our website. 

Q16. My password and other details are disclosed during online registration for the purchase of LAIET Package, what should I do now?
Answer: It is confidential and hence it’s the duty of LAIET ally to change all the confidential information like password etc. immediately, after taking all the information from your Selling Ally. Company will not be responsible for any mishappening or tempering in this regard.

 Q17  In order to advertise LAIET Business / Mission through the print or any other visual media do I need to seek any permission from the company?
Answer: Before advertising you must send us the advertisement material for approval. Severe action would be taken if we observe any bad advertisement (which violates any of the law of the land or public policies) without permission of the company.

Q18 Is it necessary to follow LEGALS (TERMS AND CONDITIONS) and other information given on the website www.laiet.net for promoting LAIET Business/Mission?
Answer:  LEGALS (TERMS AND CONDITIONS), FAQs and other information given on our website are mandatory and important for all the allies to understand the company and its rules and therefore it becomes imperative to follow them. Any anti-company activities or non-performance of any activity / activities as required for promotion of LAIET Business / Mission would amount to suspension / cancellation of all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing incentive and denial of continuation of contract. Decision of the company in this regard would be final.

 Q19 How much time does it take to get my earned commission cheque?
Answer: Online commission / NEFT will be transferred directly to your Bank account provided by you within 8 days from the day commission is calculated.

Q20. Is it necessary to seek permission of the company for production of any Books, CDs, VCDs or Audio for distribution to other LAIET Allies for promotion of LAIET Business / Mission?
Answer:  Company does not allow in any circumstances sale of any material produced such as CDs, VCDs, and Books etc. by any LAIET Allies to other LAIET Allies directly or indirectly. However, if any ally wishes to promote LAIET through any such material, then firstly, he has to take prior permission from the company and secondly, he has to distribute free of cost and thirdly he has to use such products only for promotion of LAIET Products/Services. Disobedience of the above shall lead to denial of all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing commission of the Producing LAIET Allies and the Selling LAIET Allies without any prior notice. However, you will continue to enjoy our products for the entire purchased period. 

Q21 Is it necessary to attend the compulsory events organized by LAIET?
ANSWER Yes, It is mandatory to attend the compulsory events organized by LAIET as they are meant to inform, teach and acquaint the allies with the upcoming /updates of the company. The absence of the allies without informing the company shall lead to denial of any benefit. 

Q22 Could I share information which is not given on our Website www.laiet.net but provided by our senior selling LAIET Ally and others for the promotion of LAIET Business / Mission?
Answer: Only the information available at company website related to Company or its President / Directors should be given to other LAIET Allies / Guests for promotion of LAIET Business / Mission. Any LAIET ally violating this will not be allowed to promote our Business / Mission anymore and his / her all pending, forthcoming as well as ongoing commission will immediately be stopped.

Q23. What is the meaning of Business of Similar Nature as mentioned in Legals?
Answer: Any Direct Sale / Network / Referral Marketing Business dealing with any Products / Services with any Business Model is termed as Business of Similar Nature.

 Q24 What is the meaning of "Join / Commence" Business directly or indirectly as mentioned?
Answer: Joining / Commencing Business of similar nature directly or indirectly means that you can not Join / Commence Business of similar nature directly on your name or indirectly on the name of your Spouse, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, any close relative or through any legal entity or incorporated company held by you.  

Q25.  Can Any LAIET Ally demand / accept any partial / registration amount for sale of any LAIET product?
Answer: No LAIET Ally is allowed to accept any partial or full amount in cash for the sale of any LAIET product in any circumstances. The cost of the product should be sent directly through a Demand Draft or through online mode by Purchasing LAIET Ally in the name of LAIET Associates .Pvt.Ltd. only to LAIET Office.

Q 26 What does the LAIET Package include?
Answer: LAIET Package includes the following: LAIET Package includes the hotel accommodation for 2 adults & 2 children below the age of 8 years without extra bed on twin sharing 

Q.27 What is the validity of the LAIET Package?
Answer: The package is for 12 months. But, it must be redeemed within 11 months from the date of Registration as Associate, as the booking is to be done 30 days before availing the tour. Date of Registration is the same as Date of Invoice.

Q 28 Till when can I use the hotel Booking Reservation Form?
Answer: You can use the hotel booking reservation form within 10 months from the date of purchase of your package.

Q 29 How many hotel reservation request forms can be clubbed together?
Answer: Maximum of two hotel Reservation Request forms from a particular category voucher can be clubbed together. For that you have inform to the company 1st.

 Q 30 Is it mandatory that both the travellers have to be customer to avail travel package?
Answer: No, only one of the travellers needs to be a customer other can be a non customer.  

Q 31 Can I transfer the benefits of this package to any other person?
Answer: The travel privilege is only for the customer. It is a non transferable package.

  Q 32 What are the office timings?
Answer:  The office timings are 10:30 am To 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

  Q 33 If I take a LAIET Package then which category accommodation will I receive?
Answer : The hotels offered are deluxe category hotels where ever possible. The hotels offered are selected keeping in mind general taste and convenience of travelers.  

Q 34 What is the check in and checkout time at the hotel?
Answer : General check in time at the hotel is 1400 hrs and check out time is 1200 hrs. It is up to the hotel to decide to provide you early check in or late check out if required. LAIET Associates shall not be responsible for the same.

  Q 35 In case of an extra person what are the conditions and availability of extra bed?
Answer:  In case of child age below 8 years. No Extra Charges (accommodation without extra bed shall be provided). For Adult/child above 8 yrs of age. Extra person charges are applicable as per hotel norms and are to be paid directly to concerned hotel.

Q 36 Is there an exclusion period / time when we can not avail this package?
Answer : Yes, there is an exclusion period for each category voucher as mentioned below BEACHES : 1st Nov To 31st Jan, (1 week at the time of Goa carnival for Goa) DESERTS : 15th Nov To 31st Jan HILL STATION NORTH : 15th April To 7th July, 20th Dec To 5th Jan HILL STATION REST OF INDIA : 10th Apr To 30th June, 10th Oct To 10th Nov, 20th Dec To 05th Jan NATIONAL PARK/ MONUMENTS : 1st Nov To 31st Jan, 15th Apr To 15th May PILGRIMS : 23rd Apr To 7th July, 20th Dec To 5th Jan INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS : 01st Dec To 15th Feb Also right to avail the hotel booking for all category vouchers will be restricted for 2 days prior & 2 days afterwards of National Holidays and festivals. For eg.- Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, 2nd October, 15th August, 26th January etc.

  Q 37 What is the Hotel Cancellation Procedure?
Answer : No, the hotel voucher once confirmed cannot be cancelled.

Q 38  For any reason if I am not able to use my Confirmed Hotel Voucher, is there any way in which I can rebook the same?
Answer : Hotel booking once confirmed cannot be altered or modified. In case the customer does not utilise the booking no alternate option is offered.

  Q 39  If I avail the international travel package then what facilities will be made available to me?
Answer :If availing international travel package hotel accommodation along with breakfast at the hotel shall be provided.

Q 40  Who can avail the tour package?
Answer : The Ally who has purchased the tour package (name mentioned on the invoice form). He can avail the package and can take anyone along with him. The package cannot be transferred on any other  name (like: father, mother ,brother, sister, friend, etc.) No Inquiry of transfer shall be entertained by the company.

Q 41 What is the maximum duration to get the commission from the company?
Answer : Every ally is advised to get their commission immediately or maximum within 90 days of its issuance by updating KYC and account details.