About Us

About Us

05th October 2018 “ A date to commemorate the inception of LAIET Associates Pvt. Ltd. that millions of its allies will celebrate in future. The aim of LAIET is to provide the best living standards to its allies and offer them an opportunity to grow both socially & financially. LAIET intends to provide free quality computer education courses to match the needs of today's global markets. LAIET Associates Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 05th October 2018 vide certificate of Incorporation No.U93090PB2018PTC048491  under the Companies Act, 2013.

LAIET is the dream turned to reality of the most dynamic and fortunate Marketing Leaders and Technical Gurus, who have already set a benchmark in the field of Marketing with experience of many years. With their untiring effort and strong dedication, these leaders have shouldered the responsibility to actualise and fulfil the dreams of thousands of families around the world. They will be the idols and guiding force behind this unique venture.

Mission of the Company

LAIET aspires to enlighten the life of millions of people around the world with its unique perspective i.e.

to help a common man achieve all the luxuries of life.

to fulfil all the aspirations to enjoy a happy and peaceful life.

to invest your time and ensure quality life for self and family.

to provide an access to the best of computer education mandatory in today’s scenario.

to provide with quality holiday packages which is the dream of every individual.

Vision of LAIET

To become the prime choice of the national market and to transform the lives of millions of people of the country. Helping the people of the nation to lead a quality life and enjoy financial freedom.